Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maine Student Mock Election Results

Westbrook Diarist has some great analysis of our recent win in the Maine Student Mock Election. The mock election has historically been 86% accurate in selecting the winning candidate of the general election.

Full results are:

PRESIDENT John McCain (R) 18,840 (34 percent) Cynthia McKinney (G) 592 (1.1 percent) Ralph Nader (I) 1,262 (2.3 percent) Barack Obama (D) 34,302 (61.9 percent)

U.S. SENATOR Tom Allen (D) 18,300 (41.8 percent) Susan Collins (R) 26,111 (58.2 percent)

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT 1 Charlie Summers (R) 12,450 (50.6 percent), Chellie Pingree (D) 11,968 (48.6 percent)

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Benjamin Meiklejohn said...

Congratulations on winning the Maine Student Mock Election!

--Ben Meiklejohn